To purchase a Stand for electromagnetic injectors cleaning Triumph 6

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Stand for cleaning electromagnetic injectors TRIUMPH 6

SVavto, Ukraine

Stand cavitation for cleaning electromagnetic injectors.

Description TRIUMPH 6

The injector is designed to deliver a small and precise amount of fuel into the engine manifold and is electrically operated valve. Required quantity of fuel is calculated by the vehicle control unit, which reads information from various engine sensors and calculates how long to hold the injector open. Opening hours can vary in the range 2...15 milliseconds. After which, accurately measured portion of a specific shape is sprayed through a nozzle whose size is very small, of the order of 0.002 inch.

The problem begins when various impurities and additives contained in the fuel contaminating the injector. Typically, this occurs inside the body of injector on the needle valve, seat needle, an atomizer, as well as in the filter basket. The soot layer is 5 microns on the needle valve may restrict the flow of fuel by 25%. Chemical contamination and dirt in the fuel system can clog the internal filter basket of the injector.

In addition to limiting the fuel supply, pollution alter the spray pattern of the injectors. Since the atomizer is made with a tolerance of 0.00004 inch, any pollution critically affects the shape of the spray pattern and is accurate and correct spray pattern, you receive a torch of irregular shape, the stains that lead to improper fuel combustion, loss of power, and overall impact on car pickup.

The physical mechanism underlying the technology used is the appearance of the vapor bubbles in the fluid stream with a sharp movement of the valve nozzle and the subsequent collapse of the bubbles under the pressure of the surrounding fluid is called hydrodynamic cavitation, which cleans the flow channel of the fuel injector. The bench is intended for diagnostics and cleaning of the flow channel of the fuel. On the stands, checked the resistance of the windings of the injectors, the performance and mechanical properties of on-off.

Stand Triumph - 6" for a cavitation cleaning electromagnetic injectors removed from fuel rail. In the future you can buy additional kit for contour cleaning injectors


The number of seats of nozzles: 6 PCs;

Resistance of injector: 2-25 Ohms;

Cleaning time: 30 min;

Voltage: 220V;

Total capacity of reservoir: 700 ml;

The cleaning fluid consumption: 80-150 ml;

Compressor pressure: 0.3 ATM;

Overall dimensions (LxWxH): 370х295х333 mm;

Weight: 12 kg.

Warranty: 24 months.

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