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Platform +for tire 22 500 грн.
Folding stand T43004 795,75 грн.
Stand folding
Bottle Jack T92004 875,33 грн.
Bottle Jack
Jack T830018 3 183 грн.
The pneumatic Jack DP-2 F&S 2 000 грн.
Jack pneumatic
The pneumatic Jack DP-2 1 800 грн.
Jack pneumatic
Bottle Jack T91204 636,60 грн.
Bottle Jack
A hydraulic floor Jack T83002 2 652,50 грн.
The hydraulic Jack
The pneumatic Jack DP-6 6 100,75 грн.
Jack pneumatic
The pneumatic Jack DP-3 2 100 грн.
Hydraulic crane Folding T31002 5 039,75 грн.
Hydraulic Folding crane
Hydraulic crane for removing the engine T32002X 5 570,25 грн.
Hydraulic crane
To buy a scissor Lift for motorcycles Torin TRE3001 2 307,68 грн.
Scissor lift for motorcycles Torin TRE3001
Buy Traversa pneumatic scissor TPGN-250 13 262,50 грн.
Traverse pneumatic scissor
The Jack in the hole TGN 250 13 262,50 грн.
Beam hydraulic scissors CBI-250
Beam hydraulic freight price HBG-10/2 19 893,75 грн.
Beam hydraulic truck
Beam hydraulic cargo HBG-12 22 546,25 грн.
Beam hydraulic truck
Lift scissor-type Liberty CR-6105А 87 532,50 грн.
Lift scissor-type
To buy Scissor lift buy Liberty CR-6106 82 227,50 грн.
Liberty scissor lift CR-6106
Liberty scissor lift CR-6103 75 198,38 грн.
Liberty scissor lift CR-6103
To buy a lift for auto repair, 4 rack PEAK 414A 129 972,50 грн.
Lift car 4 rack PEAK 414A
Four-post lifts under the collapse of the convergence Launch Tlt-440EW 114 057,50 грн.
Four-post lifts for service stations under the collapse of the convergence Launch Tlt-440EW
Four-post lift Launch TLT STO-440E 92 837,50 грн.
Electro-hydraulic four-post lift TLT-440E
Two-column electro-hydraulic lifts TST 45 ASH 82 515,75 грн.
Auto lifts, Two post electro-hydraulic service center for Trommelberg TST 45 ASH
Buy auto lifts two post TST 40 72 086,25 грн.
Car lift TST 40 Trommelberg
Two post hydraulic Lift TLT-235SB (220) price 46 418,75 грн.
The hydraulic lift TLT-235SB (220) 2 rack-mount electrohydraulic, symmetric lift with lower synchronization for installation on
Two-column electro-hydraulic lift for STO Peak 208 31 830 грн.
The lift for hundred Peak 208 two-column electro-hydraulic Lift with lower synchronization. The capacity of 3.5 tons
Lift electro-hydraulic two post Car SR-2040E 39 787,50 грн.
SkyRack SR-2040E Automotive two post hydraulic lift (220V/380V)

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