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BRC ― Italy
LPGTECH ― Poland.
-Computer-aided diagnosis and tuning of such systems
- Diego (Diego G3 KME, ACME, NEVO )
- Tamona(PROGAS,Pegasus)
- ZENIT (Compact, ZENIT PRO)


-A. E. B.

Our one HUNDRED-a team of professionals that has over 6 years experience in the installation and repair of LPG equipment.We install and repair gas-fired equipment.

Confidence in the quality of delivered equipment (we are the official representatives of the Italian brands)

Quality service (each of our artists has over 10 years experience in the installation of LPG)

Guarantee service (we provide year warranty on all equipment supplied by us)

LPG gas equipment for cars

Installation and repair of LPG – operations that require professional knowledge and skills. For any make of car with a petrol engine you can install gas equipment.To install gas in the car ( in Cherkasy) is no longer a novelty. Due to the ever rising prices of gasoline, many motorists are in search of a less expensive fuel. Gas is one of the best solutions to this problem.

This is one of the least dangerous fuels, despite all human prejudices. On average, it costs the owner of the car is two times cheaper than gasoline. Modern electronic LPG is equipped with a sensor that can detect gas leakage and prevent fire. So you know, the security issues are no longer a relevant.

The pros of switching to LPG

The world of modern automotive technologies, allows you to jump to any gas car with a gasoline engine – small Matiz (Matiz) to a huge Toyota land Cruiser (Toyota Land Cruiser). Pricing the installation of a dynamic, depends on the type of LPG equipment and machine model.

The process of transition to LPG involves retrofitting the car's gas tank, main pipe, an electronic control unit. Thus, the weight of the car will be slightly increased – and that's the only drawback that accompanies the changes.

Pluses much more:

· Savings on the purchase of fuel and oil;

· The engine works softer and quieter;

· Anti-theft features;

· Deposits on valves and piston rings is absent;

· Gas is 6 times cleaner than gasoline, thus, it is less detrimental to the environment.

Come to the conclusion, tostanoski gas in the car (Cherkassy) is a quite cost-effective expense that will pay for itself after a few months. The work process of your car is not only not compromised, but improved. Sale and installation of LPG in Cherkasy region: buy gas equipment on a car of any brand at special price!

Installing LPG in Cherkasy, setting up LPG in Cherkasy, to buy a set of LPG , sales of LPG 4th generation Kit stage 4 cylinder to buy a kit LPG

content="Installing LPG in Cherkasy, setting up LPG in Cherkasy, to buy a set of LPG , sales of LPG 4th generation Kit stage 4 cylinder to buy a set LPG"content="one Hundred and LPG, and LPG (LPG 2nd, 4th, 5th. 6th generation) Cherkasy, LPG for sale Ukraine wholesale retail."

LPG is safer than petrol

Installation of LPG 2nd generation Cherkassy (anusavice from the selected hardware and the model of car) has a positive effect not only on the savings in your personal budget, but also on the mechanism of the car: the cylinder-piston group. Contrary to all opinions, it has been proved that LPG is much safer than gasoline and has a number of advantages:

· Installation of LPG does not give constructive changes of the engine;

· Extension of the term of the service piston system;

· No deposits on valves and piston rings;

· Rare replacement of engine oil;

· Reduced noise level.

After you install LPG on a vehicle, you will notice a decrease in wear of the cylinder group. This is due to the fact that gas in a state of evaporation does not wash off the oil film from the cylinder walls. Also, due to the mixing of gas with air is uniform distribution around the cylinder, resulting in improved engine performance. It works softer and quieter. Please note that the gas does not contaminate the engine oil with combustion products, therefore, has only a positive effect on engine performance of the car in General. In the form of evaporated gas is six times cleaner than gasoline, according to professionals. It does not leave soot and tar in the crankcase, which positively affects the operation of the cylinder group. Install LPG 2nd, 4th and 5th generation, gas for cars in Cherkasy

HBO different generations for every budget and model of car in Cherkasy

If you decide to transfer your car on gas or noticed any breakage LPG, please contact our service center.Installation of gas equipment (hbo) 2 generation of Cherkassov our service - the best specialists of the city, which will give a great result and will leave a good impression about cooperation.

Gas equipment (hbo) for cars Cherkassy price is not a problem, please contact us. Your car will be serviced by highly qualified professionals and equipped with equipment from the best manufacturers. We will help you make the right decision-LPG 2 & 4 generation (Cherkasy), we find the optimal conditions specifically for Your car.

Selling LPG on cars 4 and 5 generation (in Cherkassy)- experienced professionals will help You choose the right option. efficiently and reliably working in this area for many years and provides services for the installation and maintenance of LPG for vehicles in different price categories.

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