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The company offers installation of LPG equipment (HBO) on Your car. With years of experience and competence of our employees, we guarantee quality, reliability and durability.

Installation cost Globalnost will pay off during use, because the gas is more than twice cheaper than gasoline. Moreover, You still will be able to save money not only on fuel. Among other advantages of LPG equipment on the vehicle include:

  • environmentally friendly (less harmful substances in the exhaust gases);

  • saving of oil (gas is not dilute it);

  • quiet (the engine is quieter);

  • the increase in useful life of vehicle parts, including the engine (unlike petrol into Gaza absent a variety of impurities, which destroy parts);

  • security (from the point of view of fire safety, gas installation is considered safer than a gasoline tank).

Installation of LPG of any generation will provide the desired result. The price of installation of gas equipment on a car largely depends on this indicator. Today gas equipment on the car, as a rule, divided into six generations. Accordingly, the first appeared LPG 1st generation, the second LPG 2 pokolenia so on. However, it should be noted the view that those who came first, poor quality is erroneous. Generation are distinguished depending on the gas supply to the engine, each of them has its own advantages and suited for different types of cars.

  • Ustanovkami 1 and 2 poklonyayutsya relatively small value, on the basis of all other generation. Danielaboone oborudovanie cars is suitable for cars with injector and carburetor engines without carburetor. This equipment can be vacuum or electronic.

  • Osobennostyu 3 poklonyayutsya electronic metered flow of fuel through a special unit.

  • Ustanovkami 4 pallanuoto best for drivers mnogoserijnyj machines with a small number of cylinders.

  • Gazobalonnogo equipment 5 pollenation improved gas supply system (in liquid form).

  • The cost ostrovkovogo equipment 6 pollenisation above the rest, but it should be noted that this supply into account all the shortcomings of its predecessors. Besides, this is the most cost-effective option. In addition, the LPG is able to provide more power gain.

The choice of generation equipment is dependent on You. If You doubt which to prefer, our experts will help you make the right decision.

Installation of LPG equipment has its own nuances. First of all, remember that you should never skimp on the installation. In this case it is better to trust the professionals. Not the last place occupies and the equipment itself, in particular, its manufacturer. By the way, our company cooperates only with trusted global brands, which have proven to be successful in the automotive market not the first year doing their job. It is also important to use high-quality wear-resistant materials. It is not necessary to pursue cheapness, we all know that "miser pays twice."

Of course, the installation of gas equipment on the car needs absolute health transport, so, before you make the installation, you should correct all the issues.

Ustanovkami on the car is a serious step and a valuable investment, which in the future will allow You to drive around at your leisure, despite sky-high gasoline prices.

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