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On the market, sales astenovegetativee equipment, we 2010.

Являемсяофициальнымпредставителем продукцииTORELLI and AGISв Cherkasy and Cherkasy region!

Более3,5-tysyacherublevye, nikoloshchepovsky best budget fuel.

We have available a huge range of proven, zertifizierungsstelle, brands from Italy, Turkey, Poland.

Our client, we can offer a full range of services in the field of gas equipment namely:

  • Professionaljournalists of popodrobnee dalneyshieperspektivy.

  • Credit and rassrochka of napriobretenie and ustanovka.

  • Viesugramata and assistance with auto renewal, umrao.

  • Diagnose and tune your car, using novaeseelandiae in Seregno.

  • The conversion of Methane to Propane.

  • Replacement of kits, filters, calibration nozzles, knurled cards, checking candles icompression your cars.

  • Give a 100% guarantee on all work.

Osushestvleniya prodagroservice. And sending via samoletnaya.

Installing LPG in Cherkasy (gas, LPG oborudovaniya) 4th generation for Your car retains the possibility of full operation of the engine on gasoline. A car with LPG is designed for operation in the same conditions as the underlying car that runs on gasoline.

Device, HBO 4th generation and working principles of main components.

The filling device remote (OVC).

OVC is designed to connect the filling hose filling station and filling the tank with gas. Integrated non-return valve prevents the release of gas from the system in the absence of a connected filling device. OVC can be installed under the fuel filler flap or placed on the rear bumper of the car.

Cylinder LPG.

Designed for storage of liquefied natural gas and is installed in the trunk (for cars) or on the frame (for trucks). Cylinder LPG equipment is of two types: cylindrical and toroidal, installed in a niche of a spare wheel. The container must undergo periodic re-examination in accordance with the rules of Gosgortekhnadzor. A new container is subjected to testing and branding at the factory. Steel welded cylinders undergo re-examination once in two years at the specialized enterprise (AGNs). Do not operate vehicle with expired inspection cylinder.

The multivalve.

Is installed on the neck of the bottle and serves it with a cap. Provides cutoff of further refueling at 80% filling of the cylinder the liquid phase gas. The multivalve allows visual monitoring of gas level in the tank. Built-in high-speed valve limits the gas output in case of breakage of the main pipeline. The be posted two shut-off valve shutoff and gas trunk pipelines.

The multivalve placed in a ventilation box, which through the air hoses is connected with the atmosphere. gas equipment for cars. With the lid closed, the ventilation boxes and the sudden leakage of multivalve elements, completely eliminates the ingress of gases into the vehicle interior.

Switch type of fuel.

Is designed to convert the engine from one fuel to another directly from the driver's seat.

Filter gas-liquid phase.

Is in front of the gearbox and ensures a preliminary removal of gas in the liquid phase under high pressure.


Designed for the evaporation of the liquid phase of the liquefied gas, automatic reduce and maintain gas pressure, as well as to stop gas supply when the engine is not running. Reducer digitronic connected by copper tubing with a gas valve and rubber hoses with the standard engine cooling system to heat the gear (usually the gear connection is made in parallel or sequentially the stove to the heating system manifold). The reduction gearbox is at the bottom of the threaded tube to drain condensate generated during operation of the gearbox. On the gear housing is the adjustment screw the idle speed.

The filter gas-vapor phase.

Installed between the reducer and the injector rail and provides a soft cleaning gas in the vapor phase under low pressure.

The injection rail.

Provides injection of the gas mixture in the engine cylinders. Set in the vicinity of the intake manifold and connect hoses to nozzles, embedded in a manifold as close as possible to the intake valve. Gas injectors depending on the technology of the manufacturer can be combined for 2, 3 or 4 injector, which can be used on 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 cylinder engines, and boxer engines.


An electronic device that control the injection of the gas mixture through the injector.

Install compressed gas equipment on the car is a complex process. Do not try to produce it on their own — wrong produced installation of gas equipment on the vehicle can lead to very unpredictable consequences. You should not experiment with such things as the installation of LPG. In Ukraine there are known cases, when the ignition of the vehicle resulted in unqualified installation LPG, propane-butane is, after all, gas.

To install the LPG on the car was successful, you should contact the special services. Here only the installation of gas equipment on the car will be produced in full compliance with all rules and safety requirements. It is not necessary to create a situation where the installation of gas equipment on the car is the cause of a car breakdown.

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