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Briefly about the features and operation of LPG

Today, the popularity of LPG equipment is gaining momentum, due to the huge savings when using it. However, this advantage is not the only one.

Advantages, features of operation during the application of gas-cylinder equipment

Existing ugbo features of operation, as well as the specifics of his service:

— if gas equipment is a branded, high-quality and established his competent expert, then LPG will not bear serious danger;

modern cylinders have high strength, reliability, thickness 3 to 6 mm;

— once a month to monitor the reliability of fixing of the cylinder;

an important condition for the security of the absence of a characteristic smell of gas, all connections must be sealed, because if the inside of the machine is formed of a smell, you should immediately turn to the expert;

— after every 15 thousands of kilometers should be scheduled for maintenance, to replace the filters, adjust the program to do a tightness check;

— 30 thousand kilometers to do clean the gas nozzles;

— after 60 000 km, usually, understands the pressure reducer to check the condition of the membrane, replace if necessary;

— the following dsgba feature operation is the need to monitor the engine rpm with the use of gas is extremely unlikely that the engine was running over 5,000 rpm, as when exceeding the target of possible overheating of the power unit or its components. To avoid this situation, many manufacturers configure systems so that when exceeding 4 000 immediately switches to gasoline.

In addition to the features and operation note the possible causes of problems with LPG, for example: in winter you need to have a car only on gasoline, because a cold start of the power unit can lead to failure of the reducer gas, the other likely problems are directly dependent on the condition of Your vehicle.

For more castastrophe gas machineprinted as an additional device for the storage and supply of gaseous fuel to the engine of the vehicle.

A description of the types LPG (LPG equipment)

Originally for machine type carburetor gas throttle has developed the provision of three types.

The first generation contained a reducer with a vacuum membrane, therefore, upon opening of the intake manifold vacuum regulator gas is supplied to the mixer. The second includes an electronic Converter that includes a solenoid valve. At the simultaneous opening of the valve and apply power to the coil is the supply of gas.

Vnutriutrobno gas mashinostritel generation is all the same as in the second, only flow occurs from the oxygen sensor (feedback), the dispenser contains a stepper motor. When the motor inside the manifold there is not air but a mixture of gas and air, due to this when hit by sparks is a "reverse clap", which result in outputs from the sensor system.

Later came the installation of the fourth generation with distributed gas injection. Since in this system the gas nozzle nearby with a petrol nozzles in the intake manifold is just air, because cotton is not going to happen. Due to the resulting conditions of temperature, pressure, number of revolutions of the engine, the opening time of the injectors of gasoline, the gas controller calculates the time necessary for the opening of the gas injectors.

The installation of gas in car number five differs from previous ones in that the gas in the cylinders of the engine is supplied in the liquid state. The sixth type LPG has a very different approach to the motor.

Often set system of the 4th generation, because it gives you the opportunity to work on two types of fuel.

Regardless of the chosen generation montazhstroi gas will machinepistol You save financial costs, will allow less to pollute, increase the service life of engine oil, reduce the operation noise of the motor and exhaust emissions.

Car service in Cherkasy qualitatively vmontiruet gas set to auto, will provide warranty and service. Installation is carried out in accordance with existing requirements and regulations on safety. The installation of gas in the car – it's the economy, reliability, durability.

The service recommends stabilitrack gas equipment 4th generation price, which corresponds to parameters of high quality and reliability.

By and large, gas equipment – auxiliary equipment of machines providing storage and feeding of gaseous fuel to the internal combustion engine. The use of gas will significantly reduce costs when refueling a car, due to the lower price You will save your money.

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